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Breathing life into a tired industry

It's no secret that we are committed to sustainability, and here are our three ways we are achieving our goals:

Our nylon yarn is made from recycled waste. What does this mean exactly? Our partner NILIT, create the nylon from factory floor waste and floor material and melt this waste material, that would otherwise end up into a landfill, into nylon yarn. This highly efficient recycling process reduces energy and water consumption hugely.

This yarn then gets sent to our factory in Italy and is used for every pair of Swedish Stockings (between 90 - 98%, depending on which style). Calze Ileana is a family owned business in Lake Garda and have very high standards of sustainable production - their factory is zero waste, much of the energy is sourced from solar power and all water used in the colouring process is filtered and restored before being sent back into the agricultural environment.

Thirdly, our stockings are knitted in 3D. This means that they are stronger and the last longer, meaning that you buy less, and have a smaller footprint on our environment.

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