Lillie and Cohoe - Luxury Handmade Hats

The Fall/Winter collection of hats are now available, just in time for fall days ahead.

Piece on Peace

Our own label of one of a kind fashions -MADE in Calgary

Vismaya Scarves

A name that reflects Creativity and Commitment

Our brand is acclaimed for offering a breathtaking and colorful variety of shawls, scarves and wraps. Ever since its inception, our women's accessory collections have quickly become a renowned label across the globe.

The brand offers seasonal collections of gorgeous accessories in vibrant colors, rhythmic patterns, and sumptuous fabrics including silk, linen, wool, cotton, cashmere, modal and a variety of blends.

AGENT NATEUR - Natural Deodorants Mens & Ladies

We are excited to share AGENT NATEUR holi (stick) beauty with you. Our philosophy is simple: Create chic and effective natural beauty products that are anti aging with healthy, organic ingredients that you can EAT.

Our formulas are handmade by Jena Covello in France and Los Angeles and contain antioxidants that are healing and nourishing.  Free of GMO's, parabens, sulfates, aluminum and petroleum, AGENT NATEUR’s beauty is healthy, effective and luxurious.  Our creator Jena studied natural cosmetics and fragrances in the South of France.  She works both by herself and with a French chemist in France to formulate all of her products and sources most of her ingredients in Paris.  Each product that she releases is something she originally made for herself out of necessity.


A Local Jewelry designer and maker of hand soldered pieces, from earings, necklaces and bracelets. Brass, Copper and Silver are used to make these one of kind pieces.

Amazon Beauty - rahua

Our story begins deep in the Amazon rainforest thousands of years ago where the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe discovered the beautifying properties of Rahua oil. The oil’s fortifying and shine-inducing effect on hair and nourishing and lasting glow on skin, quickly elevated it to an honored ingredient that has solidified its place in Amazonian beauty rituals for centuries.

In the 1990’s the women of the Quecha-Shuar tribe revealed this ancient beauty practice to renowned New York City hairstylist, colorist and advocate for the conservation of the Amazon, Fabian Lliguin, a native Ecuadorian of Quechua descent.

Today, Fabian and his wife and partner, Anna Ayers, have created Amazon Beauty® to transport you to a place un-changed, un-touched and unveil its abundance of restorative ingredients that will reconnect you to Mother Nature.

GRAYDON - Plant Powered Ingredients

Canadian Grown Ingredients - Each raw material Graydon uses in her formulas plays a specific and important role in "feeding your skin".

Green Sisters

Our Mission at Green Sisters is to produce the highest and purest quality of products for your healthy glowing skin. Cruelty Free, Non-GMO, All Natural, Organic.

Pura Botanicals

 Canada's premier Green Beauty Apothecary - A first of its kind

Pura's in-house production studio is where we handcraft our all-natural skincare, body care, and botanical perfume. Our potions contain plant and flower-derived essences, organic and wild-harvested ingredients. When you experience Pura, you can rest easy in knowing our potions are earth-friendly, nutrient-rich, non-toxic, gluten free, and cruelty free. We are passionately committed to sustainability, safety and creating the most advanced green beauty care in the world.

Hollow Tree

Hollow Tree – inspired by the iconic landmark in Stanley Park, Vancouver – an 800 year old Western Red Cedar tree, the provincial tree of British Columbia. As a former forester planting trees throughout the mountains and valleys of the Pacific Northwest, she discovered her passion for trees; the sanctuary they provided, the scents they gave off, the inspiration they created. She spent many years exploring the forests in British Columbia and has gathered her stories and articulated them in an art form, creating a line of pure beautiful candles.

YYC Beeswax

Our high quality products are carefully hand crafted with locally sourced materials where possible to support local businesses.

Dans un Jardins

Discover elegant and evocative home fragrances. Create a unique atmosphere to suit your mood with a French-made scented candle made from vegetable wax GMO-free and mineral wax without benzene. Our candles meet the strictest safety standards and spread a clean flame. An important guarantee for those who care about the air they breathe.

Swedish Stockings



In a short span of time, Anu Raina has made quite a splash in Toronto’s Art and Fashion circles. Raina graduated with several awards from the Textile program at the Sheridan College, Oakville in 2010.

In the same year she was selected as an Artist-in-residence at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto and saw her artwork exhibited at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. She debuted her ready to wear clothing and accessories collection at the Toronto Fashion Week in October of 2010

Raina was nominated by Ontario colleges for the 2012 Ontario Premier's Award for outstanding achievement by recent graduates.

Since then, she has done exclusive collaborations with several prestigious organizations such as eBay Canada, The Law Society of Upper Canada, Keilhauer and Art Gallery of Ontario. Her Skyline print was selected by Textile Museum of Canada for a contemporary art exhibit in New York and Istanbul recently. Raina has been featured in national newspapers like The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, National Post, CBC Radio, CTV, and several mainstream fashion publications. She currently lives in Oakville, Ontario with her husband and two children.

IRENE RASETTI - Botanical Textiles

Decay and growth, aging and birth; these are the meta-themes which inspire and direct my creative process. Born of poor Italian immigrants, I find myself abridge between the old and the new in many ways. This sense and experience of identity has offered me a unique lens into transformation. I am drawn to explore the impermanence of our thoughts, our fickleness, as well as the beauty of our own fragility.

I spent several years in Europe where I received a diploma in Fashion Design and went on to work for various design houses including Gianfranco Ferre and Gianni Versace. However, it was not until I moved back to Canada and connected with other local female artists that I learned more about the source of inspiration and how we identify with it. How our craft in essence tells the story of who we are.

My current work revolves around natural dyes. It is a very organic process, a little bit calculated but mostly left to chance and alchemy. There is a certain amount of imperfection, fragility and decay in this process which resonates not only in my work but in my life experience. I am searching for an authentic engagement with fiber in relation to the human form. My work eschews perfection or standard notions of beauty. Instead, I endeavor to represent an authentic aspect of our shared experience in a fragile time.

ROSE BUDDHA - Leggings

Our Legging is the result of a rigorous research with women of all ages, shapes and styles. Its Repreve fabric, made with 83% recycled plastic bottles, allows maximum breathing while being truly flattering. They are hand made in Canada and the prints are made by local artists in residence. Its exclusive elastic band located on the back prevent the creation of a gap in the back when bending forward. Especially soft and totally fashion. Surely perfect!

Adrian Martinus - Wood Products

Adrian Martinus Custom Woodworking is the Calgary, Alberta based

studio/workshop of brothers Adrian and Martinus Pool. Working primarily with rescued

and reclaimed wood, the duo creates unique furniture designs, interior installations, and

creative objects. Their work can be found in private homes, retail spaces, creative

studios, and corporate environments.

NAWRAP - Binchotan Products

Founded in the 1930s Nawrap originally manufactured mosquito nets in the Nara prefecture of Japan. Since then they have moved into the cloth and textile industry, where they have maintained a long history of quality and attention to detail. Nawrap now reaches homes in Asia and North America with their innovative line of cloths and towels. Nawrap towels feature a traditional weaving technique not seen outside of Japan.

Nelson Naturals

Who Are We?

Nelson Naturals is a company operated by people who believe that products should be as simple and natural as possible. By making our products in small batches, as they are needed, we are able to avoid all of the dangerous chemicals that are used in mass production and provide our customers with a product that we are proud to supply to our family and friends. Our products contain all of the stuff you need, and none of the stuff you don’t

Clean Conscience


Clean Conscience Canada is a manufacturer and distributor of natural aromatherapy home and personal care products made from renewable sources and ingredients that are purchased using fair trade practices. Our products are blended with pure therapeutic grade essential oils for their great disinfecting properties, as well as their many health benefits, and of course because they smell fantastic!


Our Thieves’ oils and balms are made using a traditional recipe and an all-natural blend of pure essential oils. Used to improve your health, wellness and vitality, you’ll find many uses for these remarkable remedies from clearing congested airways, soothing bug bites, bruises, aches and sore muscles. Also use as a natural hand sanitizer or topical anti-fungal treatment. Produced by hand, in British Columbia, Canada.