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Best Skin Care Products for Calgary Weather

Best Skin Care Products for Calgary Weather
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Best Skin Care Products for Calgary Weather

This is a list of best skin care products for Calgary weather by Barb MacKenzie of Piece on Peace. A skincare consult focuses on the regiment, concerns and features, and benefits of products.

I may not even sell you a product but there is a charge on the consult that is redeemable in the product. The client always learns about their skin and how it functions in their climate. It is an eye-opening sit-down that will help you understand skin. 

Best Skin Care Products for Calgary Weather
Pura Botanicals Countess Cleansing Nectar Calgary

Cleansing, how are you cleaning your skin? (Never over-cleanse your skin)

You will strip your skin of natural oils that act as a barrier to protect your skin, just like over-exfoliating. When you strip your skin, you age quicker, produce more oil even when you are acne-prone and you look dehydrated.

A proper cleanse should be done at night before bed. A makeup wearer should use either an oil-based cleanser like Monastery Rose oil cleanser, Pura Botanicals Countess Cleansing Nectar, or Aloe Milk Cleanser by Graydon along with our miracle washcloth by Nawrap. Think oil to remove dirt and makeup, also balances PH.

If you are oily skin or are a full-on makeup wearer then you may need an extra step with a foaming cleanser like Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash or Graydon face foam to leave a squeaky clean feeling when you are dry, step 1 cleansing should be sufficient.

Veriphy Hit or Mist Facial Toner Calgary
Veriphy Hit or Mist Facial Toner Calgary

I’m a toner girl, this is an ideal way to see if you have removed all makeup. It also clears up congested skin, hydrates, and can exfoliate on a gentle level again balancing PH, please never use alcohol-based toners or over-exfoliate. They both cause dryness, sensitivity and thinning of the skin!!!

I love Veriphy Hit or Mist Facial Toner twice daily a great tool when setting makeup. Now relax, it’s morning time, meditate, and do some yoga, cleansing is not a priority. Why? Because you have not been exposed to elements, use water and our organic washcloth from Nawrap. It gently exfoliates on a natural level then Veriphy to trap moisture. 

Consonant Hydra Extreme Calgary

Now that you have washed for AM, what’s next?

A great serum, what is the difference? Serums are oil-free they work on aging, correcting, and preventative, they have more active ingredients like vitamin c, hyaluronic, here are a few of my favorites for aging skin, Pura Botanicals Hyaluronic ruby serum, Consonant Hydra Extreme, Graydon Blue Moon Serum, Monastery Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost, Vitamin C + Licorice Serum and Vitamin B3 Complex Serum from Consonant that works on sensitive/rosacea, acne-prone skin.

True serums need a moisturizer or oil applied on top, I like serums in the day, because they are oil-free, and they don’t disrupt makeup or sunscreens. Serums touch the skin 1st, then a moisturizer like Pura Botanicals Princess Clementine, Jao Face Cream Repair, The Rose Tree Radiance Cream with Rose and Frankincense and Balancing Face Cream are a perfect marriage with serums.

Please keep in mind none of our natural face creams have SPF. A natural Non-Nano sunscreen like Suntegrity 5 in 1, balances out skin tone with a tint, light moisturizer benefits, SPF 30, and gives a dewy effect which is forgiving for aging skin.

Pura Azure Dream Cloud Calgary

2 in 1 Best Skin Care Products for Calgary Weather

Vitamin C brightens the skin, fades age/sun spots, and is corrective to aging, the new Pura Azure Dream Cloud is a 2/1 lotion/serum with Hyaluronic that tightens skin, vitamin C, blue tansy (anti-inflammatory). Monastery also has a 2 in 1 product called Flora Hybrid Cream Serum, keep in mind these are light moisturizers and you may need more for dry climates.

Monastery Gold Oil Serum Calgary

Face Oils

Let’s talk oils, oils work best for nighttime especially in dry climates, can you use an oil on top of a serum? absolutely! Oils address dryness and hydration, it is preventative for aging, even oily skins can use oils in moderation.

We are so thrilled to be presenting the Monastery line out of San Francisco, what makes them special? this luxury clean beauty line is the absolute in skincare, they have no carrier oils in their products, they use the purest form of the plant, natural and concentrated.

We carry many oils in the store, ask yourself, what are you looking for in an oil? All dry climates need to use oil, but maybe you might use in moderation in the hotter months when you sweat and produce more oil, plus you may want to layer less focusing more on sunscreens. You may want to move into more of a foaming oil cleanser like Pura countess cleansing nectar, which is a convenient full rounded cleanser, removing makeup leaving skin feel squeaky clean and hydrated with 30% oil. I love this cleanser in the hotter months. 

Best Skin Care Products for Calgary Weather
RMS Beauty Oil Calgary


Some of the unique oils we have are oil/serum, what are these? it is a 2 in 1, for someone that wants a simple regiment, it works on preventative\corrective with moisturizing benefits. Pura Botanicals Ambrosia Beautifying Serum is popular with our busy young mothers that want to simplify their life’s but still care about their skin.

A few other products that fall in this category are RMS beauty oil, Graydon superfood serum, Jao seed face oil, Consonant Vit E oat serum.

Best Skin Care Products for Calgary Weather – 2 Must Haves for All Skin Types

Nawrap Face Towel, maintenance

Nawrap Face Towel Calgary

Consonant Firming Eye Cream, preventative/corrective 

Consonant Firming Eye Cream Calgary

This may sound confusing, but until you book a consult, you will find out all your needs, then, this will all make sense.

If I can leave with a couple of critical pieces for the best skin care products for Calgary weather, a humidifier is a key in your bedroom, not just on your furnace (this is not enough).

I recommend a cool-mist ultrasonic for dry climates, this is ideal for hard water homes, use distilled water, and clean regularly to prevent bacteria and mildew. I use a humidifier that blows mist up instead of out. For cleaning and ratings go to consumer report.

Best Skin Care Products for Calgary Weather
Sample of a Smaller Mister Calgary

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