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Scarf by Aeshaane

Aeshaane by Neesha Amrish July 18, 2024

Aeshaane is an ethical fashion brand specializing in silk scarves, shawls, and wraps. The founder Neesha Amrish has always had an eye for fashion and creativity. Throughout her life, she was exposed to several fabric types from her grandmom, which led her to learn to sew and mend clothing. This journey in learning about fashion from her grandmom and expanding her knowledge at design school has led her to start Aeshanne.

Aeshaane practices slow fashion. One aspect of slow fashion that Aeshaane practices is being transparent about how each garment is made and who makes each garment. The process of how a garment is constructed starts with the silkworm creating vegan silk. Then the silk is spun, weaved, block printed and sent to the consumer. mer. Another aspect of being an ethical company Aeshaane emphasizes is the work-life balance within each employee. There is flexibility and the ability to be creative and learn through workshops and training programs. Aeshanne’s website puts a face on the employees therefore consumers can see the people who make the garments. One example of this is that there is a masala chai recipe which is Pankaj’s recipe- one of Aeshanne’s employees.

The vegan Silk that Aeshaane uses is called Ahimsa silk also which is known as peace silk or non-violent silk. This silk is made by not causing any harm or killing silkworms. Aeshaane believes in slow silk farming, which is when the fibre gets extracted from the empty cocoon. This way no silkworm needs to be boiled which is how traditional silk is made therefore Aeshaane’s silk is cruelty-free.

Piece on Peace, located in Calgary, Alberta carries Aeshaane’s artisan clothing line of one-of-a-kind scarfs, shawls, and wraps. Aeshaane’s clothing items are available on our website or in-store. We offer style advice in-store and outfit inspiration on Instagram on how to style Aeshaane pieces.
To learn more about Aeshaane and Neesha’s store visit her website at

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