SPRING is Coming!

Here is to a New Year with positive thoughts, kindness, compassion, support, and giving back!

Last fall we were grateful to receive 18 dresses from 2 women, a mother, daughter team who made this beautiful child farm dresses out of remnant fabrics pre-covid.

They donated these dresses to Piece on Peace hoping we would use them as a fundraiser. After putting them in storage, and saving them for spring, we are delighted to raise money for Ukraine.

These dresses will be sold as a charity donation with a partial match from Piece on Peace, the starting price will be $30.00 and up – depending on what each client would want to donate – The charity is UNHCR United Nations HCR for Ukraine.

Here are pictures of a few dresses available, they are all different and range from 12 months to 4yrs old. Pay close attention to detail, buttons, and contrasting fabrics. It is a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Thank you for your support!


Let’s talk wearable art, AESHAANE has become one of a kind “Piece of Art” in our shop for 1.5 years now. She recently was nominated for top 100 artists of the world by Victoria and Albert Museum in London where her pieces are featured.

The owner Neesha is a very strong woman with a big social impact and respect for our planet.

Neesha is about giving back, she donates 10% of profits each year to artists and their families, employees, and families that need health services. She is a big supporter of The Little Flower Foundation which helps families with leprosy. India has 65% of all leprosy cases in the world and unfortunately, the government gives little support. Neesha supports fair pay for all workers and is a positive supporter of the LGBTQ.

Please go to her website and you will be inspired by this woman. 


She recently started making caftans, silk jackets, and capes, here is a small example of what we have in the shop, all one of a kind!


This little gem was found by accident last fall on a little drive on the island, we literally were driving in a downpour and stopped for lunch, there it was like a free-standing house you find to see in Paris.

The visit lasted over an hour listening to her journey. It reminded me of when I worked for the old perfumery houses and their classic way of pure essential oils, it is all about the experience!

We traditionally blend our perfume recipes with love and intention, using only pure, plant-based, precious essential oils and absolutes from around the world, along with tinctures from gently, sustainably harvested needles, leaves, flowers, buds, lichen, and moss from our Vancouver Island forests and our own island garden. Vegan, Synthetic-free. Truly Natural.

The calming and uplifting effect that comes from natural essences stems from our primal instincts. We believe in respecting nature, and ourselves, and that we are the sum of the choices we make. It is our promise to you that all Wild Coast Perfumes do not contain synthetics, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance oils, dyes, parabens, phthalates or chemicals.​

Our fragrances will truly blend with your own body chemistry to enhance your own natural fragrance, so wear our fragrances with confidence!

Almost Famous

Helena Stuart founded Only Hearts in 1978, creating fashion’s first Inner Outerwear” ™ collection and revolutionizing undergarment dressing to come out and be seen.

Today, Helena, working with daughter Kaya, offers a range of sustainably made lifestyle lingerie from sexy sweet undies and bralettes to sleepwear, lounge, and wear-anywhere wardrobe staples.

Only Hearts is ethically manufactured in New York City using local, deadstock, organic, recycled, and certified made in green textiles, keeping our footprint gentle and light. Our pieces are worn by Slick Woods, Lourdes, Cardi B, Hailey Beiber, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Charlize Theron, Bjork, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, and Scarlett Johansson, to name a few. But mostly we’re interested in girls like you!!

Only Hearts started at POP 6 years ago, over the years our clients fell in love with its femineity and comfort, with new pieces arriving weekly the eye will be teased.

 Please keep in mind that the shortage in the supply chain will be around for a while, new lines are arriving but slowly, always follow us on Facebook and Instagram to experience new arrivals, enjoy and look forward to seeing you!

Our most popular line at POP, for a reason Loose-fitting clothing with style and comfort, this line does not disappoint with limited sizes and styles. Thank you and keep on shopping local!





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