When wearing makeup, prepping of the skin is critical, no point in wearing makeup when the skin looks dull and unhealthy. In the photo, look how healthy, youthful, fresh and soft the model looks! If a client is going to a full day event and wants makeup done, we look at longevity, what is the weather , will you be outside, what are you wearing, what are the textures, colors of the clothing, colors of flowers, etc…We start from the base – up!

This is the Non-Makeup Look!

Our model above had a light application of skincare on clean face, serum (oil free) Consonant HydraExtreme Serum (face/neck only) then light moisturizer or a 2 in 1 RMS Revolve Radiance Locking Primer/moisturizer prolongs makeup and makes you photo ready (face and neck).

When using a sunscreen be careful there is no white/grey cast, this alters photos, we love the tinted moisturizer/sunscreen by Suntegrity 5 in 1, it is non-nano with no grey cast. Prep eyes with a light eye cream, we used Consonant Firming Eye Cream (not greasy) this is applied to orbital bone, not on lid, makeup is never applied to naked skin, always prep the skin first. With an aging population and younger demographics caring about clean beauty, we focus on preventive and corrective with this natural beauty look. What does face only mean? what is meant for the face is not necessarily for the eyes, especially with skincare.

If you like foundation, then you will love RMS Uncover Cream Foundation, it is like wearing skincare for your face, chalked full of healthy ingredients, this long lasting foundation covers, but make sure skin is prepped otherwise goes on thick, the color adjust to skin tone. As for eye makeup, how are you to achieve that color of eyeshadow when you have hyper pigmentation around eye area? wear the concealer under the eye and on lid. A concealer acts as a primer, softening the lines and giving longevity. In a recent training we were told not use a product on the outside corner of the eye, because it supposedly settles in the lines, I replied this is my “favourite product” as it works well with all skin tones, they asked how are you preventing it from settling? it is all in the prepping. After letting the eye cream settle we apply RMS Beauty Uncover concealer, love the look of a fresh eye, use a different shade around the eye then the face, it makes the eyes pop!


Let’s talk color theory, taking fashion in school, we covered all basis, pattern drafting, business, styling, merchandising and my favourite color theory. This was easily translated into makeup with many different undertones to skin. When we alter our looks with hair color, tanning etc.. there’s a couple things that don’t change, eye color and tone of virgin skin (underside of wrist). Color theory or as they called it in the 80’s color draping, will always apply with more leniency today having 12 choices of the color chart, what are you?

Ask yourself, what looks better closer to your face for clothing white or cream, black or brown, basically cool or warm, once you get this established, the color of foundation and makeup color is next. I am a 2 in one look, if you have luscious lips, show them off with a bright color and complimentary color on cheek, but keep the eye soft. If you want a smokey eye keeps lip and cheeks soft.


Illumination is key, it creates a healthy looking skin, hydrated and youthful, this is not a trend, consider it skincare, but with makeup. On our model we used RMS living illuminator (light reflective) on the outside corner of the eye after concealer, we used living on the bridge of the nose only part way down, cupids bow (top of lip) a smidgen under the brow (to lift) and for photography above the brows working towards the middle in-between the brows.

Makeup should be multi-functional, we applied the new black eyeliner by RMS on the lid close to lash line, smudge it out in a side V shape like an eyeshadow (lifting the lid), you can always dust it with a dark eyeshadow to set it, but I want to establish shape of the eye 1st.

A brow makes or breaks you! it frames the face and lifts the lid. Plume refillable brow pencil in Endless Midnight was used on the model, then the UN powder in RMS 0-1 was used as an eyeshadow on the ball of eye but also used for setting the whole look, it gives longevity and prevents creasing, it will not cake or look dry (talc free). The new mascara from RMS is creamy, remains on without smudging or flaking and is removed with warm water, finally a natural mascara that does the job!

Cream products should always be applied 1st, eg. Lip to Cheek by RMS on top of foundation for blush, then powder to set. This dual purpose tint can also be used on lips, but make sure you prep the lip with balm and concealer 1st, add gloss on top, especially in dry climates.

Set the face with powder, then a light dust of bronzing powder in a E shape starting at side chin, under cheek bone, ending at forehead to balance the look.
Keep in mind this look was done with photography and longevity in mind, when applying a simpler look for every day it will be quicker with maybe only 5 steps.
When you book a consult, we will accommodate to your wants and needs!

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